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‘If God is not in support of it, don’t force it’

Ever since I can recollect it was a ritual to go to church on Sundays. Whether I actually went to church to sleep or to heed the word of God was a different thing entirely. Like most Nigerians I always called myself a Christian but never implemented the ways of Christianity.

It was not until I turned 13 before I began to fully recognise God’s presence .  As my teenage years progressed, I encountered numerous life lessons. From world tragedies to miraculous events, and with each occurrence I began to realise more strongly that nothing positive in this life could be done without the assistance of God.

However, I did not realise how significant my realisation was. I continued to live life and like everyone I would experience euphoric days and sombre days. Nonetheless, it had not occurred to myself that in order to ensure I lived a happy life, I had to consult God in every decision I make every day of my life. Upon realisation , I began to implement this approach and I noticed a radical change in my life. Life was just easier; I judged myself less , avoided  less issues and in general favour was always on my side.

Today, I can say that my faith in God is much stronger and there is nothing too minuscule or too grand for him to do; if it is in accordance with the purpose he has laid out for you.  However, I am still learning and sometimes I want things to go my way but my way is not necessarily the best way.

All in all the best advice I can give is that no matter what you are going through in life if God is not in support of it, do not force it because when all is said and done God’s path is always the most favourable path.

 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5)

– Denike

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We Engage Culture for Jesus

This message by Lecrae pretty much sums up everything the World Light Movement is about, and the vision for its impact in Lagos and the rest of our country.

In a nutshell, Lecrae stresses that as Christians, we need to be cultivators! We need to take the things that are in our world and create honourable things for God. Are we still living in a secular vs sacred divide? Where we’re Holy on Sunday and opposite the rest of the week? Where we don’t know how to view our world through a biblical lens? This fractured approach to life prevents us from impacting the world and being light. As already said in the previous post, we need to be audacious and demonstrate what redemption has done for us, to the world. The three step model set out in the video is apt in describing how WLM also wants to go about impacting our culture:

1) Engage the culture– this is the act of knowing the people; knowing the values, and ideals. Being able to speak the language and culturally contextualise. Be genuinely interested in the people around you and engage them with Christ.

2)Love the people in the culture– people are not projects, they are souls that matter. Reflect Christ’s holy love to the world. Connect with people.

3)Rehabilitate the culture– paint a picture of what it looks like when Jesus radically changes people. This is our light. Build, serve, be involved in the care of our city and the world at large.


Our mission is to show this country a radically different picture. To show what it really looks like to live under the Lordship of Jesus. To move away from a fractured and religious vs secular worldview, to a radical, relevant and Christ-like culture. Ultimately, to see more connections with God and more transformations in people’s lives.

I hope this gives some clarity on the vision for WLM. To be a part of it, send an email to theworldlightmovement@outlook.com and we will respond with more information on how you can make an impact.

thanks for reading and do watch the video to be blessed and inspired by Lecrae’s message!
– @nuellaswords