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Who wants to join me on a 30 Day praise challenge?!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve recently been going through many tests and The Lord very specifically dropped in my heart today to do this praise challenge in order to ‘cultivate thankfulness’ [Colossians 3:15] and ‘stay grounded, steady in the bond of Christ and constantly tuned into the Message (careful not to be distracted or diverted).’ [Colossians 1:21-23 MSG].

So here’s how I’ll be going about it: 
1) I’ll be using the 30 Day Praise Challenge Devotional by Becky Harling (you can find it on amazon and there is a kindle version). You can also use any other reading plans available just google ‘praise challenge’. I’ll share scripture on our Instagram each day too.

2)I’ll devote an hour of each day to read the devotional and praise! *Play music and allow the songs to prompt your praise. This can carry on throughout the day. You can use our WLMVT playlist which is embedded here on the website. I’ll be adding songs to it everyday but you can also leave music suggestions for everyone from your personal playlists in the comments section or on twitter (I’ll add them to the WLMVT playlist).

3)I’ll be journaling! This is to record the praise journey and all God is saying. It’s also for accountability (to make sure I’m doing it everyday by numbering Day1-30 each day). I’ll share questions for journaling purposes here too (from the devotional).

4) To add a twist, upload pictures of something you are thankful for / anything that represents God’s goodness to you as you go along. Use the hashtag #wlmvtpraisechallenge to share them and also your thoughts on instagram/twitter/wherever. You can nominate others no join in with you!

And that’s it!

“Praise restores our faith, fills us with joy, calms our fears and inspires us to love and obey God.” – Becky Harling

[Day 1-5 of Becky Harling’s praise challenge devotional is available online]. Click on the link and enjoy xx

Love and light,