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As part of The God Narrative, we’re talking to people about God and their spiritual journeys- how they view Him, His church, His son and His purpose for us as a people who light up the world. These fun interviews will create an important conversation with our Creator at the very centre.

‘The Forgetter’s Eye’ Interview with Elo Osunde

Elo Osunde

 As many of you know, one of the main aims of this blog/movement and specifically the God Narratives Project is to inspire others, by highlighting the journeys of people that are letting their God-given light shine for the world to see  [Matt. 5:14-16]. For Elo, this light is expressed in her writing and in her photography as documented on ‘The Forgetter’s Eye’ page on Instagram. I had a great time chatting with her for this interview & I hope you enjoy reading it!

Many people see God as their protector, provider & guide- and all of this He absolutely is. But I also see Him as a God of creativity and beauty and wonder. I see evidence of Him in much of your work. How do you feel God has inspired you creatively on ‘The Forgetter’s Eye’ project?

What’s interesting about TFE to me is that it’s the product of one of my flaws. Coming to terms with the fact that my memory is not great at all, I made a spontaneous decision to start taking photographs as a way to preserve the moments that make my life worth it. Naturally, that started off with friends, family and activities and really, it just grew from there.

Weirdly, that’s the first way He has inspired me on this. By helping me remember that little flaws and setbacks literally only have as much power over me as I allow them.

I hadn’t really given much thought to what I was doing until one day when I was journaling and speaking to God about a moment I’d shared with a stranger and how it resonated with me. I felt Him say to me, ‘look, you have so much to say. So say something. Don’t overthink it. Just say something.‘ I started the page the same day.

I don’t think I am amazing at photography, I really don’t think I’m great at it [I do intend to work on it. But] I’m more into it for the stories and how there can be a thousand words behind just one still image. I’m more into it for the opportunity to display all the simple things that should still matter. And ultimately, I think what God has been showing me through this is that He’s interested in the details and how much attention we pay to the world.

For that reason alone, I’m less afraid to talk about the little things in life that make our worlds stop – even when we can’t be bothered to notice.10561041_1446379482295122_664622788_n

He keeps showing me that there’s still good in the world and that it’s worth paying attention to.

#1000reasonstoloveNigeria : because stunning colours like these are commonplace.

Lastly. God’s used it as an avenue to really conquer   my fear. I’ve been trying to outgrow the fear of sharing my thoughts, my words, my ideas and putting myself out there, for years now. This is    helping me.

What has been the scariest part of sharing/ the most impactful part of the sharing process?

The scariest part? Not being able to express myself/my experiences adequately.

The most impactful part? Responses.

Has there been any response to your page that has surprised you so far?

It’s all been overwhelming. Right from when I started, I think it was the third picture or so. It was a ‘Things We Lost in Nigeria’ photo, on the Bring Back Our Girls issue. Someone commented saying she was shivering as she read it, because she had actually forgotten about the girls. That was great to me, because it made someone consider something. It made someone stop to think.10362156_1454484868164351_520381225_n

#thingswelostinNigeria : Our Girls. A myriad of unexpected things can get lost and still be forgotten. Nigeria has taught me this. When honesty, integrity, good leadership, water, electricity and/or billions of Naira went missing, there are many things we did before we did the expected. We fought, we slandered, we cried, we mourned the loss, we sat silently and wondered what we could do. At some point, we even found the humour in the misery. But we still, after all said and done, returned to a now familiar end result: amnesia.’

Also, just a few days ago, I put a picture up, asking people to say one beautiful thing about themselves and one thing about someone they know and/or love.

There were over 67 comments on it. People were tagging their friends and families, to say what’s beautiful about them. The best part about that for me again, is that people have to stop to think about these things, and even if it’s just for that very moment that they’re better for it, it’s more than enough.

Do you feel the Holy Spirit guiding you in the details? e.g who to approach for a picture, how to take it, etc? What to write?  

Yes and no.

Yes, because in my walk with God, one thing I’m constantly challenged to do is to experience people, communicate with people, love people – in my thoughts, speech and actions. Approaching people respectfully and graciously is an aspect of that. Other times, I feel a sure urge to walk up to people I didn’t even realize had important things to say, or people who I didn’t expect to be approachable. And the best things always come out of moments like that. But that aspect goes beyond taking photos.

Which brings me to the no.

“in my walk with God, one thing I’m constantly challenged to do is to experience people, communicate with people, love people – in my thoughts, speech and actions.”

I don’t believe that God polices (my) art. He doesn’t always tell me to do this or do that. If he’s telling me anything, a lot of the time, it’s to be myself. It’s to go even more outside my comfort zone. And I really do think I appreciate that more.

What’s your favourite thing about taking street portraits? I guess apart from all the lessons you’ve learnt.

I think my favourite thing about street photography is catching people in their character. I like that neither the stillness nor the movements are staged or scripted. People are going about their everyday lives when you encounter them, and after they’ve encountered you (if they do), they keep going.

It has to be the rawness of it. I think that’s what I love the most.

 So what has been the best or funniest or most impactful moment that you’ve ‘frozen’ and you’ve meditated upon after?

I think I have a top three. But one of my favorite moments to have caught on camera was the photo with a boy called Mohammed. He’s one of the students I got to teach in Ghana. It was a really rough day that day, because his little brother wasn’t feeling very well. He cried for most of the day. 925965_1523329124571562_1364787401_n

Mohammed was sat with his mum the whole time and when she got up to take the boy to the hospital, he started crying. She told him to calm down and stay back. He retreated to some corner in the room and had his back against the wall. When she left the place with the little boy, he came out from where he was hiding. He watched them until he couldn’t see them anymore. He’s 4, but he stood there, and he watched his mother go (she didn’t notice, because she didn’t turn back around, but) he watched. He actually watched to see that they were okay. I don’t know what it is about that moment, but thinking about it still gets me.

 You mentioned in one of your posts, that the ‘things we lost in Nigeria’ series is to remind us of the things that are still missing that we may get up and search for them. How do you think Nigerians can search for [and find] God?

That’s a whole nation you’re asking me to speak on/to.

I don’t have all the answers and I don’t want to generalise. But I can tell you what I know for sure. God is bigger than religion.

Generally, our greatest setback might be that we’re always trying to buy our way into and out of things so that we can claim authority. But you cannot buy forgiveness by being in a religious building or gathering Monday-Sunday. You can’t buy it with your tithes. You can’t buy it by reading religious texts everyday.10561124_691469157594248_551270893_n

#thingswelostinNigeria : God. It is so possible to be totally religious and yet not know or be known (personally) by God. The average Nigerian can regurgitate everything they have heard about God, in a heartbeat. We will “thank God” for and/or pray before just about anything – including ill-acquired wealth/premarital sex/a robbery “operation”. For a lot more of us, it happens on a much smaller scale. […] religion cannot save one from his/her deepest issues and that God is NOT punctuation for our every sentence. He is mighty and sovereign and loving. Thus, to follow religion pretentiously, is to miss out on all that He is and can be, to our own detriment. […] I reckon we’ll realise that the heaviest loss in our country as a whole isn’t actually any of the many things or people that we are currently grieving over. It is… God. And maybe thereafter, we’ll find ourselves at the beginning of the process of putting our lives/hearts where our mouths are. ‘

God has made us an offer to turn everything around for our good, for free. That’s in Jesus. We ought to stop our unnecessary toiling at that name. We ought to stop our mouths running and really ask what He came to do. We ought to be still and accept that as mind-blowing as it is, God doesn’t need our help to change our lives. He literally just requires our attention and our acceptance of what He has already done. I think everything changes when we accept that.

I’ve noticed a lot of people our age don’t realize they can use their talents/gifts to minister/glorify God. How would you encourage someone to allow God to permeate that area of their life? (and every other area)

  • First, by clarifying this: “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.” – Martin Luther King.
  • God is an artist. Look at the sea, at the sun: how it rises and sets, at the moon, at trees: how they bloom and how they bare themselves, and then look at yourself. You are God’s art. Your creator created you creative. So, create.
  • Human art is God’s creative hand on Earth.
  • Your “voice” is important. You have more to lose by being quiet than getting up and doing whatever it is that you’re good at.

Finally, what’s your favourite thing about a relationship with God?

Freedom. He lets me be myself. Even when I’m being strong headed, I feel like God is patient with me. On big decisions, He says to me —okay. Well I’m just going to put this right here. This is a picture of where I’m trying to take you. And this is a picture of where you’re trying so hard to be. You choose. [I’m going to admit this right now, at the risk of all losing whatever cool points I may have: God’s picture always looks better than mine.]

I don’t feel the threat of him saying ‘I will leave you if you don’t do this.’ I actually do not/have not at any point. What I do feel is a love that leads me into right. He shows me in the little things. In the way He deals with me, I don’t even get the chance to forget that He always wants the best for me.

Thank you to Elo for doing this interview with me and for sharing with us on The Forgetter’s Eye. Do follow the page and share this with anyone you think it will impact. 

God Bless!

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WLMVT Interview on Contentment (Part 1)

Hi Everyone! After a bit of a hiatus, we’re starting our July theme of “Contentment” with two parts to an interview. I met with a good friend (and pretty much a ‘big sister’) of mine, to hear her thoughts on contentment in the Christian walk. She shared her personal experiences and we talked everything from love and marriage to what happens when your dreams and goals don’t happen as you wished. Read Part 1 below 🙂

1)   The Bible says “For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead body and ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power.” [Colossians 2v9-10]. What do you think it means to be ‘Complete in Christ’:

O*: I feel like I might have heard that quoted somewhere before. My understanding is that being complete in Christ would mean that with Christ everything that you are, everything that you want, everything that you know, everything that is you…is vested in him. No matter what you want, no matter what you need, He can do it for you. I would like to take it to mean like they say, that the ‘Bible is the living word’.

For every situation you could potentially face, and every situation that could potentially affect you or yours, there is a word in there for you and therefore there is a God that can be all encompassing for your life. Even in things that you take for granted.

I had this roommate once when I was in Ife. She was Muslim her name was Kuburat. She had this little book that she read of little prayers and I asked to see the book. I looked into it and it had prayers for every situation. We [Christians] believe in grace a lot. We believe in the grace of God because of the death of Jesus Christ. So we say one prayer and because of that…even if we don’t pray for a lot of specific things it is covered by the blood of Jesus.

From what I understand, in Islam they believe that they have to pray for everything so even for something as small as going to the bathroom or pooping – there was a prayer for it in Kuburat’s book. Now, we take that for granted but people have died because they weren’t able to eliminate waste. But I believe this scripture covers everything; even things as small as the ability to go to the bathroom, hair growth (the bible says every hair on our head is numbered, He knows).

Therefore I believe that the fact that the above scripture’ goes as far as pointing out that, He (Jesus) is the head of the principalities and powers means all situations are covered- we are aware that there are principalities and powers but there are things we do not know and don’t even think about. And not just the obvious like ‘oh God I need money to eat’ or anything else. But I believe that outside of the things that are obvious to us, we are complete in Him and for things we don’t even see, for things we are not even aware of, for spiritual battles, He has covered it all, is what I believe this scripture means. We are complete in God.

2)   So you mentioned that God is all encompassing and everything we need. What advise would you give to someone who doesn’t know this? For someone who feels generally dissatisfied with everything and always feels like they need and want more. What practical advise would you give to them?:

O: I will be honest with you- it is easy to say because we believe in God, things are simple or easy. They are not ‘in fact’ always simple or easy. However, I believe that the Lord does not give us anything that we cannot overcome. So, from my understanding of your question, there’s probably at least two facets to it I will answer as thus.

Now, for a person who keeps desiring more, that is another aspect of this question, which is probably an issue or spirit of not being satisfied. That is not just a ‘can God provide for me situation’, it is more of ‘I’m not satisfied with what I have’. That in itself has to be solved, or settled within themselves- it’s a spiritual issue. And usually that stems from problems of insecurities, fr7299826_f260om what I’ve seen. For instance, a person who wants more and more clothes, because they want to hang out or ‘feel among’ or feel good enough to be with the ‘cool kids’ has an insecurity issue. That’s an entirely different thing they need to sort out.

But then if its just a situation of, ‘can God provide for me?’, what I have seen thus far (and I’ll use an example from my life) is that, you do not necessarily have to know or understand God’s plan for your life, but He does not lie. And so, I know that if you are in God, the Bible point blank tells us that, the God that provided for the birds in the air will provide for you.

I moved back to Nigeria a few years ago and I reached a stage where I felt like I didn’t want to rely on my parents for every little thing. I don’t like to really talk about it, but I have a lot of qualifications and my very last degree that I studied, I borrowed the money from the bank in the UK for the course.

They say when you want to make God laugh you set out your plans, and I had this whole thing mapped out of how I was going to pay back and this and that and it didn’t pan out especially because the economic crisis kicked in, in the UK. I was like look, in Nigeria they like foreign degrees and foreign experience and I had had the opportunity to work in one or two legal practices, I had worked at the United Nations in New York . I had done a lot of things I was like there was no way I won’t find a job in Nigeria. But then proposes, God disposes. So, I went back to Nigeria and finding a job was really tough. My parents were fairly influential at a point and I thought that at least they would be able to pull some strings. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My parents were retired, the people they knew were also retired so I thought to myself, how would I survive.

I promise you, every week like magic I would get 10 grand out of nowhere from one person or the other without even asking. Once in a while maybe 70 or 90 grand so I was sorted the savings I had in the UK went into my repayments.

So I stand and I testify, that the God who provides for the birds in the air would provide for you. I was covered for the things I needed.

I can honestly say that a person who is questioning whether God would provide for them should know that they would at least eat; it might not be the most expensive food from the trendiest new place but they will eat.

On the other hand for those who keep wanting and wanting- that’s a spiritual matter and you go to God in prayer. A lot of people don’t even realize they have this issue. They may have a new or functioning car at home but they think to themselves.. why cant I have the latest new car. That is just a spirit of dissatisfaction or greed or vanity. [To be continued]


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*This Interview was anonymised for the sake of privacy  





WLMVT Interview with Lethu


10268158_10203075167055672_555255696_nHow do you hear God’s voice?

L: I think it is that relentless, kind of soft voice. It warns and guides you to the right direction. it convicts not condemns. It is a gentle voice, whilst satan’s voice is a loud clamoring demanding voice that condemns and destroys. I believe that God also speaks through our children. Children are God’s little angels. My children correct me at times when am wrong and  that to me is special. I listen to them.

How do you discern God’s voice from your own?

Well, God’s voice tends to go against mine, mine wants to feed the flesh while God’s seeks to feed the spirit and protect me from self destruction. I perceive God’s voice to be that of a parent who would do anything to protect you from harm. A voice not to harm you but to prosper you. 

So how do you then discern God’s voice from your own thoughts and desires? How do you know which is which?

L:  It’s when the feeling doesn’t go. That feeling saying stop.

That relentless factor, where it just keeps coming back?

L: Yes, he never gives up on us, the passion of Christ. How I see it.

What do you think the role of the church is in the community?

L: Its there for people who are in need. People who are going through a rough time.

Do you think there’s a shepherding factor as well? For people outside of the church?

L: I’m not sure.. because that would be controlling. You can only lead those who want to be led. You cannot force it onto people… you can tell them about God but you can never lead them, unless they want to be.

In relation to this, Matthew 5:14-16 saysYou are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’

So as a Christian, what is your light?

L: Love. Unconditional love. Loving until it hurts. We live in a broken world, where people are hurting, depressed, feel worthless, given up on life and pessimistic about life altogether and are in need of a saviour. That saviour can manifest in the  form of showing love to those in need of it. Love and light to me are the same thing because where there’s light there’s no darkness and similarly where there’s love there can’t be hatred, there only can be love and peace. So as a christian, my light would be showing love to others, (the passion of Christ) through good deeds.

It’s a biblical love isn’t it

L: Yes, the one that covers a multitude of sins. The divine kind of love. 

What in the past, do you wish you could change about your walk with God?

L: There’s nothing I regret, to be honest. There’s nothing I wish I’d done in any other way because I feel like life is a process, and we change through those experiences, you know. Everything works together for good and God has a plan.


Flipped tables

L: How can we make others think about God?

N: It goes back to that light. And being light means acting in a way that’s against our flesh. That is not normal for us as humans– it’s biblical, its spiritual, its godly, its supernatural. Its different to what the natural reaction from a human being would be. Um.. and we only get that through a connection with God. We conduct ourselves differently. It boils down to how we’re showing God to people and how we are representing him and I think that’s how we can make people think about God.

L: Cos people will ask why are you so different.


N: Yeah. On the WLMVT blog, one of the first posts I put up, the title is ‘be audacious’, and what I was saying throughout the post was that, to be a Jesus follower, you have to have guts because it would mean going against so many norms in society. It needs that faith and that …audacity to be able to show God to people.

L: How can you love your enemies or people who have wronged you?

N: This is one of the things I’ve found the hardest in my walk with God. For me, the biggest wrong someone can do to me, especially a friend, is be disloyal. When someone shows me they are not with me… my default reaction is to cut them off and not have anything to do with them-

L: -Is that bad though? Because you’re trying to avoid hurt and toxicity

N: I mean… cutting off someone completely means they don’t exist to you anymore. Like if you see them its poker face


But personally, I feel like its bad that I used to do that so easily when I felt betrayed. Because it goes back to unforgiveness and its wrong. If you’ve forgiven someone, being around them isn’t a problem.

What I’ve learnt is, you need to have boundaries – we did this message in church , ‘radioactive relationships’. It was on how to handle the people around us.. the tempters, and all the other categories of people. And the pastor said, if there’s one word the message will boil down to, its boundaries. Learn how to put boundaries in relationships. So if someone is disloyal, or hasn’t been a good friend, or is maybe a bad influence…the answer isn’t to be unforgiving and kick them out of your life. I don’t think Jesus would do that. You still show them love, smile when you see them, be nice, if they need something from you give it to them but put healthy boundaries in place. So for instance you’re not chilling like you used to, they’re not speaking into your life anymore. And its also not something that you say to them, in order to keep the peace. They wouldn’t understand. You just act it out and stick to it because those boundaries will be tested.

L: How can you live life in such a way that glorifies God?

I think, to really give God glory we need to obey him to the letter…literally honoring him so much that even things that are difficult not to do, you still don’t do them. That’s one way to glorify God you know..and always point back to him and just, conduct yourself in a way that would make him happy.

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First #WLMVT Interview!

Hi everyone!

We thought it would be great to have candid, open conversations about God, His son, His church and everything in between as part of the God Narratives Project. So I got together with a good friend of mine, Freddy , to do the first instalment of the WLMVT interview series. We were right in the middle of The Campus Kitchen  (UEA Campus) so it was a bit awkward and noisy with the laptop recorder and everything but we got it done! WLMVT will be doing a lot more of these with different people wherever we find ourselves  (and perhaps some video ones too) so watch this space!



1)Is there anything like church clothes/christian attire?

F:  I don’t think so … you don’t have to dress up particularly just for going to church – come as you are. As long as you know that God is with you, and you have this faith in mind, you don’t have to worry about the clothes because God would not care about this and God would accept anyone who has faith in him.

How about if.. like I know women get judged a lot with what they wear, especially if she says she’s a Christian. What do you think in relation to that?

F: It depends on where she goes to. If  its to the church with really revealing clothes then that’s unacceptable, but to the club or a pub then that’s fine. I’m not saying women are not allowed to wear whatever they want to wear, but I’m saying it’s not appropriate for them to wear such clothes in a holy place. I don’t know how God would feel about it, but at least they have to show some respect to other people in the church.

Do you think that people should conduct themselves the same way they do in in church …outside church? 

F: Personally I would do that

I guess either way, no one should be  judgemental about it 

F: Yeah

2)How can you make people think about God?

F:  Serving in church is one of the best ways to do that. I think I realised that by joining the First Impressions Team in church … as a member of the team, and while serving I feel really energetic and optimistic because I know that I’m delivering the spirit of God to other people and letting them know that God is with us.

Yeah I think it also takes you to a different level in your relationship with God, because you feel like you’re a part of his church and a part of something.

3)Why Jesus?

F: Well… My recognition of God and Jesus started when I was 6 or 7 years old. After knowing the story of Jesus and all the things that he has done for us, I just felt that Jesus is …awesome!


But honestly I don’t know how to answer this question because I was born a Catholic. So, I had already been told something about Christianity and established the connection with God a long time ago.

4)Who are your three worst neighbours, … How can you love them? (Matt 22:37-39)

F: I don’t think that I would rank them… I don’t think I’ve made a list or anything. Yeah I don’t like some people but I wouldn’t rank who I hate the most.

Speaking of how I can love them, well honestly … I don’t think I can achieve this goal in a short time because I do hate my neighbors at the moment.



It’s not like I hate my neighbours or the people around me , but if sometimes they cross my boundaries then I will react. But that doesn’t mean I would keep the hostitlity because God’s taught us to forgive people and to love

 So what practical ways can you love someone who’s wronged you?

F:  …Pray

That’s what we do in ur flat… we have a prayer list for people who’ve wronged us. There’s this quote that goes something like… ‘When you pray for someone it actually works more on you than the person.’ When you pray it’s like you’re putting yourself in that person’s shoes and it sort of changes your perspective and you have more empathy towards them

F: Yeah or maybe just talk about it with friends from church … that’s what you and I did a few weeks ago


5)What do you enjoy about a relationship with God?

F: Well, as I said before, it gives me energy, makes me feel optimistic, and uh… and with God I think I can do anything and achieve anything because you know .. I wasn’t connected to God for such a long time but when I was down God was the one that accepted me and God was the one that gave me hope

Its amazing isn’t it? It’s a good feeling

F: Definitely


Flipped Tables!

N: Ok so now I guess you can ask me questions

Laughs.  Just pick any two from the list

1) Different clothes for Sunday than every other day of the week? Y/N , Why?

N: No.. I just dress the same casual way. I feel like I need to present myself in a way that shows who I really am… I don’t have to hide or pretend.. back in Nigeria , people dress up on Sundays. People wear their best clothes. For me, it makes church feel like a performance or just going for an event. I feel like church should be a lifestyle. It should show throughout your life not just one day

F: Yeah true, but probably its just the way those people worship God

N: True, that could be

2)What is the Bible?

N: That’s a hard one.. why did we put that there. Laughs

The bible is a collection of books, it’s the word of God – it was written by humans but it was communicated to them by the spirit of God, its how God communicates with us, its like our manual for life you know. Theres so much wisdom in the bible that can sort of guide us through life. There’s never been a time where I’ve looked in the bible and an answer wasn’t there. There’s always an answer in there – there’s nothing new under the sun, literally, all the things that happened thousands of years ago, they happen now today still

The bible is also historical documentation and the things you see in there, you see them documented outside of the bible too. I feel like its so accurate in that way because those things documented are also documented outside .. so . The bible’s important! Laughs

F: Yeah a lot of stories mentioned in the Bible are really meaningful. I mean… the Bible teaches me a lot – How to love and forgive people.

N: Yeah it’s a lot of wisdom. And its spirit food as well. Like, how we eat food for our physical body, we’re getting food for our spirit, cos it feeds our spirit things that it needs in life. Its good stuff.



***Disclaimer: These are just conversations :), its a discourse and the point is to provide a safe space where people can engage with things to do with God and with some questions people ask that no one really answers. It’s to encourage people to open up about things to do with faith outside of church. Do examine anything you are unsure about with the Bible.

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Love and light!