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Called to Worship

Sometimes, I struggle with the ‘point’ of things. What’s the point speaking up? Just be quiet and don’t bother people. What’s the point of telling people about my faith anyway? What’s the point of flooding people’s timelines with bible verses, and articles and worship music, makes no difference- might as well keep it to myself.

And what’s the point of a Praise Challenge anyway? These questions may be due to my deeply introspective personality, or the fact that I can be quite critical of things including myself. And of course the devil seeks to devour our faith (see 1 Peter 5:8-9) which is why the bible says that we must take every thought captive and bring it into submission to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).photo-2

So, I’d feel led by the Spirit to do something, I go ahead and take the plunge and then doubts set in. But whatever it is, the past few days some of these questions floated at the back of my mind. Then on Day 5 of this year’s praise challenge I woke up to a devotional from one of my favourite websites, with the following title:

“A Priest Calls People to Worship.”

Wow. Sometimes God smacks you across the head with just a few gentle words. This was one of those times. The truth is, we aren’t called to just experience God and keep the wonder to ourselves, ‘a city set on a hill cannot be hidden’, right? We are called to ‘go public’ with the news of His goodness. Immediately I saw the devotional title that morning, I thought of 1 Peter 2:9:

“But you are chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light”

We are both called to worship, and called to call others to worship Jesus, as a royal priesthood. When we understand the sheer magnitude of this calling, we really shouldn’t have time to be self conscious about anything because we live only for an audience of One.

We are a Royal priesthood. Chosen. You & I. So that we may proclaim praises of the One who called us out of darkness into marvelous light. Jesus is our High Priest, and those who believe in him as the Son of God and accept him as Lord and Saviour become His royal priesthood. We proclaim praises because we’ve been called out of darkness into marvelous light- and must also perform our function as a royal priesthood- calling people to worship, caring for their spiritual lives (which begins with leading them to Christ and making them disciples), making intercession for them, and caring for them. We are called to share in the work of Jesus, our High Priest.

This is our worship- being a living sacrifice to God, a willing vessel, used for His will alone. A priest calls others to worship. The beautiful thing about God is He does everything with a ripple effect. Your purpose is connected to that of so many others. You’re being blessed so that you can be a blessing to so many others.

And so, our life of worship is meant to encourage so many others to worship too. We are designed to bring God glory. Hearts that encounter us should encounter Jesus too.

photo-3Too many times we can end up coasting through life not understanding who we are in Christ. We end up leading lackluster, mediocre lives because we prefer to live in restraint, remaining in our comfort zones, not realizing that we have the power of the Holy Spirit in us. The power to go out and proclaim the gospel, teach, exhort, and transform people’s lives through the power of God’s Word which is ‘alive and active, shaper than any two edged sword, dividing even soul and spirit, joints and marrow; judging the thoughts and attitudes of the heart‘(Hebrews 4:12).

I write and post this to remind myself, as much as I write to anyone who will be encouraged these words. Brothers and sisters, we are called to worship. Not just in song, but with our very lives. We are called to exhibit the glory of the Lord, so much so that others see us and seek to know Jesus, our great, and magnificent High Priest.

“Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess.” (Hebrews 4:14)

Love and light,


Dance in Brokenness

Hi everyone!

So for the past few days I’ve been incorporating praise into my morning stretches and work outs and today, this quote really struck me:

“We are designed to dance. To use our bodies as weapons of grace, beauty and intrigue. We are designed to stretch until we master growth. To replace old dead cells and be physically renewed each moment. So, challenges don’t destroy us, they just should make us dance more swiftly and passionately. For when we dance we please God. Especially when we dance in brokenness.” -Phindiwe Nkosi

Physically, when we push past pain and endure through tension- we come out stronger on the other side. Similarly, when we worship God even in the midst of pain and trials it becomes a sacrifice of praise and is most pleasing in His sight.

The same way our body renews cells, our spirits and souls are renewed/refreshed when we ‘praise in brokenness’. We are pushing past our pain and choosing to recognise the unchanging and faithful nature of our Heavenly father. This keeps our hope steadfast and our faith rooted in God.

That we can use not only our words/voices but also our bodies as weapons of God’s grace and beauty is nothing short of an honour. Our bodies are truly His temple and praise in times of brokenness makes this extremely tangible.

So here’s the challenge: worship Him in every aspect of your day, even when you don’t feel like it. It will keep you focused on this unchangeable fact: He is the core of your life.

Love and light,


‘But as for me, I will hope continually, And will praise You yet more and more.’ Psalm 71:14

Exam Season – Feeling Overwhelmed?


Just wanted to drop by and say – God is with you. Always and always. We’ve all got exams right now and everyone’s feeling stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed..the whole lot. This isn’t the time to put God as your last priority. I did that just for a day and the amount of stress that descended on me is ridiculous.

Rather, this is the time to lean even further into your heavenly Father. Accept the peace and rest He wants to give you. Spend time with Him. Look back at everything he’s brought you through- now will be no different. God is FAITHFUL. Moments of stress and darkness are the time to take refuge in His presence- not for what you can get from Him, but for who He isOut of love for Him.

Came across the following in my devotional today and thought I should share.

” God is:
• SOVEREIGN — He reigns over everyone and everything and has never been stressed out.
• UNSTOPPABLE and so are those who follow Him.
• HOLY— God is perfect, which means everything He wants/desires for my life is far greater than anything I could have thought of.
• CONSISTENT — I don’t have to worry about Him being in a bad mood.
• GREATER than any temptation the enemy throws my way.
• BETTER than anything the world has to offer.
• BIGGER than any sin or failure in my life.
• GRACIOUS — He knows every stupid, foolish, sinful thing I’ve ever done (or will do), and yet He loves me anyway!
• ALWAYS here with me — God has NEVER walked away from me. He doesn’t always deliver me from the fire, but He has ALWAYS walked with me through it!
• FAITHFUL — If I fail to see His faithfulness in my past, I will probably not recognize the fruitfulness of my future.
• THE ONE WHO PURSUES ME — He pursues me even on the days I tend to walk away from Him.
• RELENTLESS — He has NEVER given up on me!
• PASSIONATE — His passion and zeal that the scriptures reveal cause me to be in AWE. “

What else can we possibly  need?

***To do the above reading plan, download the YouVersion app on your phone and search ‘The Overwhelmed Challenge’ in the plans. If you have trouble finding it just tweet @ me or leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.

Love and light,

No Other Name

The church I call home (Proclaimers) recently announced that we are now part of the Hillsong Family! How awesome is that! The best is yet to come and even though I won’t be in Norwich much longer, I’m so thrilled about what’s happening in the life of our church. If you’re ever in Norwich, definitely visit; their passion and love for God is incredible.

On the topic of Hillsong, here’s the 2014 Hillsong Conference trailer. It just gives me chills!

We gather under no other name.


The Gospel in 4 Minutes

‘You can’t fix yourself quit trying its impossible.’
This spoken word piece compresses the Gospel of Jesus Christ into 4 minutes, and it always hits home.

**Propaganda is a Christian performance poet and hip-hop artist. I love his passion and absolute fearlessness. You can find his music on his website:
Click on this link to watch one of his music videos.

#BeAudacious 🙂

Dream: It’s your birthright! (pt.1)


“And afterward,  I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, 
your old men will dream dreams, 
your young men will see visions.” [ Joel 2:28 (NIV)]

 Everyone dreams!

Have you not noticed, every revolutionary change begins with one man’s dream?

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream,

Steve Jobs had a dream,

Malala Yousafzai had a dream,

Aliko Dangote had a dream,

Nelson Mandela had a dream,

Coco Chanel had a dream,

Mark Zuckeberg had a dream,

And the list goes on!

All these people dreamt and accomplished great things that set them aside from the rest of the world.

As God’s children, it is important that we birth the dream that has been impregnated in our hearts by our Father through the Holy Spirit. Mark 16:15 says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. Believe it or not this is our sole purpose on this earth. This is our Fathers dream! – To spread Christianity to every nook and cranny of the earth to prepare the way for his second coming.

Many people assume evangelism is only for ministers, missionaries and crusaders, which does not concern them whereas, this is not so! My belief is that God wants us to evangelise in whatever and wherever we’ve been placed. The scripture says “all the world”. As followers of Christ, we can evangelise through and in everything:

  • The FRIENDSHIP world: by setting an example amongst your friends (believers and non-believers) and in relationships. Show them love regardless of their religious beliefs. Do not judge. We are not the standard. We all need grace!
  • The COMMUNITY world:  Be a blessing in your workplace, school, and neighbourhood, church and wherever you find yourself.
  • The GOVERNMENT world: The government affects the whole culture of the nation therefore we need politicians, lawmakers and government officials that lead the country in the way of the Lord.
  • The ENTERTAINMENT world: the entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing and the most influential industries today.  It is a very powerful tool, which affects the culture of our society. Therefore we need artists, sportsmen/women, actors/actresses, producers, directors, designers and so on.
  • The EDUCATION world: Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ”. Through education you inspire a generation negatively or positively. Education administrators, teachers and counselors are all needed to be a part of this dream!

 As Children of God, as dreamers, as trailblazers and as world changers we need to step out of the Church! Christianity is no good when it’s locked up within the four walls of the Church, we need to go out there and make an impact in our environment affecting every ‘world’ we find ourselves in. We need to infiltrate our society with Jesus’ culture.





***** This write up was inspired by a sermon I heard last Sunday (01/03) at Hope City Church, Sheffield by Dave Gilpin. The original message could be heard by downloading the TuneIn radio app.  I recommend that everyone listens to this!

Thanks for reading this and I hope this inspires at least one person.

Leave your opinions and thoughts in the comment box below :).

                                        — OreO



We Engage Culture for Jesus

This message by Lecrae pretty much sums up everything the World Light Movement is about, and the vision for its impact in Lagos and the rest of our country.

In a nutshell, Lecrae stresses that as Christians, we need to be cultivators! We need to take the things that are in our world and create honourable things for God. Are we still living in a secular vs sacred divide? Where we’re Holy on Sunday and opposite the rest of the week? Where we don’t know how to view our world through a biblical lens? This fractured approach to life prevents us from impacting the world and being light. As already said in the previous post, we need to be audacious and demonstrate what redemption has done for us, to the world. The three step model set out in the video is apt in describing how WLM also wants to go about impacting our culture:

1) Engage the culture– this is the act of knowing the people; knowing the values, and ideals. Being able to speak the language and culturally contextualise. Be genuinely interested in the people around you and engage them with Christ.

2)Love the people in the culture– people are not projects, they are souls that matter. Reflect Christ’s holy love to the world. Connect with people.

3)Rehabilitate the culture– paint a picture of what it looks like when Jesus radically changes people. This is our light. Build, serve, be involved in the care of our city and the world at large.


Our mission is to show this country a radically different picture. To show what it really looks like to live under the Lordship of Jesus. To move away from a fractured and religious vs secular worldview, to a radical, relevant and Christ-like culture. Ultimately, to see more connections with God and more transformations in people’s lives.

I hope this gives some clarity on the vision for WLM. To be a part of it, send an email to and we will respond with more information on how you can make an impact.

thanks for reading and do watch the video to be blessed and inspired by Lecrae’s message!
– @nuellaswords