Love Like Jesus Bible Study Outline

Hi Everyone! As most of you know, we held the February “Love Like Jesus” Bible Study in Lekki on the 7th of February. It was amazing to hear everyone’s heart on what it means to love like Jesus. We dug into the word and each person made really insightful comments/contributions. I have added a few to the outline. Hope to see you at the next Bible Study, which is likely to hold on the first Saturday of March [more information to come].

Do meditate on the scriptures and feel free to leave your own contributions in the comments section below 🙂

How did Jesus Love?
-John 15:13

 How does Jesus expect us to love?
-John 14:21, John 15:10, 1 John 5:3;

Luke 21:1-4

  •  [Jesus expects us to keep His commands (they boil down to loving God and loving people) and give our ALL for the sake of others/the gospel.]
  • Is giving only to the extent that it doesn’t affect your life/standard of living, the type giving that is pleasing to God?

 What is Christ’s new command?
-John 13:34 – 35

 “Beautiful is the body of Christ poured out into every crevice of this world, every city, every office, every home. It is the unselfish passions of people displaying the love of their God in a million unique ways”. -Jennie Allen

  •  So, based on the scripture how can we display the love of God? What do you think the quote means by ‘unique ways’? (God expects us to be proactive in how we love)

-Mark 2:15-17

 “Nothing makes a soul sicker than too much time given to itself.” -Jennie Allen


Being proactive in love

1) How can you find out the needs of those around you? (This includes acquaintances). How can you make an effort to meet them? (John 21 v 5-9)

  • During the Bible study, Ezekiel commented that one of the best ways to find out the needs of others in order to meet those needs is genuinely getting to know people and listening to them.
  • Eni Ife also commented that it is important to be led by the Holy Spirit

2)  In what ways can your passions cross paths with meeting the needs of others? [Greater purpose]; (Read Genesis 41:46-57)

  • Here Moyo commented that Joseph served the country that enslaved him. He still gave himself up for them- he could have gotten to this position of influence and used this to plan for their downfall but he didn’t let bitterness prevent him from his purpose. This is love,
  • Ephesians 5:1-2 MSG
    Love, not cautiously but extravagantly

3) How can you move some casual friendships into a deeper connection for the sake of the mission/gospel? Think of who you can seek out this coming week.
(pray, ask great questions, pursue, share your struggles and your God)

  • Here Chiso suggested asking good questions as a good way to move friendships along
  • Eni-Ife said consistency is also also important.

 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves” – Philippians 2:3

4) When in the past has someone put your needs before their own? How did that impact you? Think of how you can extend that same sacrificial love to others this month.

  • A good way to start this would be to join in on the #21ServolutionDays challenge. Simply love people intentionally and then share that on social media with the hashtag. This is for accountability and to inspire others to join in. For example, “Loving like Jesus looks like finding out the needs of others and going out of your way to meet them #21ServolutionDays” OR, “#LovingLikeJesus looks like forgiveness.” You can be more specific if you like.

“No, this is the kind of fasting I want: Free those who are wrongly imprisoned; lighten the burden of those who work for you. Let the oppressed go free, and remove the chains that bind people.” -Isaiah 58:6

 5) How can you reach out to the lowest in society daily? [hospitality?]
-Matthew 25:31-46

  • This Scripture reflects how important it is to Christ for us to love others and give ourselves up for them. 


*These questions are all to challenge us to love like Jesus has loved us. Not in the Chocolates and hearts way of Feb 14th, but in the way that gives yourself up for others. It needs grace, but never look at it as frivolous or crazy – it is an investment in people and in God.

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