Exam Season – Feeling Overwhelmed?


Just wanted to drop by and say – God is with you. Always and always. We’ve all got exams right now and everyone’s feeling stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed..the whole lot. This isn’t the time to put God as your last priority. I did that just for a day and the amount of stress that descended on me is ridiculous.

Rather, this is the time to lean even further into your heavenly Father. Accept the peace and rest He wants to give you. Spend time with Him. Look back at everything he’s brought you through- now will be no different. God is FAITHFUL. Moments of stress and darkness are the time to take refuge in His presence- not for what you can get from Him, but for who He isOut of love for Him.

Came across the following in my devotional today and thought I should share.

” God is:
• SOVEREIGN — He reigns over everyone and everything and has never been stressed out.
• UNSTOPPABLE and so are those who follow Him.
• HOLY— God is perfect, which means everything He wants/desires for my life is far greater than anything I could have thought of.
• CONSISTENT — I don’t have to worry about Him being in a bad mood.
• GREATER than any temptation the enemy throws my way.
• BETTER than anything the world has to offer.
• BIGGER than any sin or failure in my life.
• GRACIOUS — He knows every stupid, foolish, sinful thing I’ve ever done (or will do), and yet He loves me anyway!
• ALWAYS here with me — God has NEVER walked away from me. He doesn’t always deliver me from the fire, but He has ALWAYS walked with me through it!
• FAITHFUL — If I fail to see His faithfulness in my past, I will probably not recognize the fruitfulness of my future.
• THE ONE WHO PURSUES ME — He pursues me even on the days I tend to walk away from Him.
• RELENTLESS — He has NEVER given up on me!
• PASSIONATE — His passion and zeal that the scriptures reveal cause me to be in AWE. “

What else can we possibly  need?

***To do the above reading plan, download the YouVersion app on your phone and search ‘The Overwhelmed Challenge’ in the plans. If you have trouble finding it just tweet @ me or leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.

Love and light,

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