WLMVT Interview with Lethu


10268158_10203075167055672_555255696_nHow do you hear God’s voice?

L: I think it is that relentless, kind of soft voice. It warns and guides you to the right direction. it convicts not condemns. It is a gentle voice, whilst satan’s voice is a loud clamoring demanding voice that condemns and destroys. I believe that God also speaks through our children. Children are God’s little angels. My children correct me at times when am wrong and  that to me is special. I listen to them.

How do you discern God’s voice from your own?

Well, God’s voice tends to go against mine, mine wants to feed the flesh while God’s seeks to feed the spirit and protect me from self destruction. I perceive God’s voice to be that of a parent who would do anything to protect you from harm. A voice not to harm you but to prosper you. 

So how do you then discern God’s voice from your own thoughts and desires? How do you know which is which?

L:  It’s when the feeling doesn’t go. That feeling saying stop.

That relentless factor, where it just keeps coming back?

L: Yes, he never gives up on us, the passion of Christ. How I see it.

What do you think the role of the church is in the community?

L: Its there for people who are in need. People who are going through a rough time.

Do you think there’s a shepherding factor as well? For people outside of the church?

L: I’m not sure.. because that would be controlling. You can only lead those who want to be led. You cannot force it onto people… you can tell them about God but you can never lead them, unless they want to be.

In relation to this, Matthew 5:14-16 saysYou are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’

So as a Christian, what is your light?

L: Love. Unconditional love. Loving until it hurts. We live in a broken world, where people are hurting, depressed, feel worthless, given up on life and pessimistic about life altogether and are in need of a saviour. That saviour can manifest in the  form of showing love to those in need of it. Love and light to me are the same thing because where there’s light there’s no darkness and similarly where there’s love there can’t be hatred, there only can be love and peace. So as a christian, my light would be showing love to others, (the passion of Christ) through good deeds.

It’s a biblical love isn’t it

L: Yes, the one that covers a multitude of sins. The divine kind of love. 

What in the past, do you wish you could change about your walk with God?

L: There’s nothing I regret, to be honest. There’s nothing I wish I’d done in any other way because I feel like life is a process, and we change through those experiences, you know. Everything works together for good and God has a plan.


Flipped tables

L: How can we make others think about God?

N: It goes back to that light. And being light means acting in a way that’s against our flesh. That is not normal for us as humans– it’s biblical, its spiritual, its godly, its supernatural. Its different to what the natural reaction from a human being would be. Um.. and we only get that through a connection with God. We conduct ourselves differently. It boils down to how we’re showing God to people and how we are representing him and I think that’s how we can make people think about God.

L: Cos people will ask why are you so different.


N: Yeah. On the WLMVT blog, one of the first posts I put up, the title is ‘be audacious’, and what I was saying throughout the post was that, to be a Jesus follower, you have to have guts because it would mean going against so many norms in society. It needs that faith and that …audacity to be able to show God to people.

L: How can you love your enemies or people who have wronged you?

N: This is one of the things I’ve found the hardest in my walk with God. For me, the biggest wrong someone can do to me, especially a friend, is be disloyal. When someone shows me they are not with me… my default reaction is to cut them off and not have anything to do with them-

L: -Is that bad though? Because you’re trying to avoid hurt and toxicity

N: I mean… cutting off someone completely means they don’t exist to you anymore. Like if you see them its poker face


But personally, I feel like its bad that I used to do that so easily when I felt betrayed. Because it goes back to unforgiveness and its wrong. If you’ve forgiven someone, being around them isn’t a problem.

What I’ve learnt is, you need to have boundaries – we did this message in church , ‘radioactive relationships’. It was on how to handle the people around us.. the tempters, and all the other categories of people. And the pastor said, if there’s one word the message will boil down to, its boundaries. Learn how to put boundaries in relationships. So if someone is disloyal, or hasn’t been a good friend, or is maybe a bad influence…the answer isn’t to be unforgiving and kick them out of your life. I don’t think Jesus would do that. You still show them love, smile when you see them, be nice, if they need something from you give it to them but put healthy boundaries in place. So for instance you’re not chilling like you used to, they’re not speaking into your life anymore. And its also not something that you say to them, in order to keep the peace. They wouldn’t understand. You just act it out and stick to it because those boundaries will be tested.

L: How can you live life in such a way that glorifies God?

I think, to really give God glory we need to obey him to the letter…literally honoring him so much that even things that are difficult not to do, you still don’t do them. That’s one way to glorify God you know..and always point back to him and just, conduct yourself in a way that would make him happy.

***Thanks so much to Lethu for doing this interview with us! To share your thoughts, comment below or hashtag #WLMVTInterviews on twitter. Don’t forget to keep the Jesus Stories coming in for The God Narratives project!

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