‘In that moment I knew every breath I ever breathed was a gift.’

I remember it like it was yesterday… Okay maybe not quite yesterday seeing as it was almost 3 years ago. I could go down to the very days, minutes and even seconds but I’d probably be way off. I’m certain of the date though. It was a not so unusual day, I was hanging with the guyz and we were about to do what we so often did to pass the slow dry afternoons on campus. We were gonna roll an 8th, turn the speakers on blast and forget all our problems. Problem was I had no idea what my problem was, and I was about to find out.


I’d often pondered life’s big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Do aliens exist? How do KFC get their chicken so perfect? If I jump from this 7th floor building is it game over or does that jumbo sized cake I devoured from Tesco count as an extra life? (I’m serious about the extra life thing minus the Mario reference), but when I got high it was all about being still and enjoying the emptiness and simplicity of everything. This time however was much different. This time, my life was about to change forever.

If I remember correctly I did the rolling up, I’d become somewhat of an expert in the last 4 months (I felt like an artist, who am I kidding, I was an artist in the art of  “roll up”). In a matter of seconds we were airborne. But this time something was different, this time there was a serious problem with take off (MAYDAY! MAYDAY!!), I felt like my plane had crashed. Instead of the usual empty hollowed feeling I had grown so fond of, I felt dead inside. I can crack open an Oxfords dictionary, a thesaurus, and my own personal Shakespeare and I still wouldn’t have the words to describe what actually happened that day. All I know is that in that moment I felt absolutely broken. Imagine a beautiful vase (go ahead, you can colour it pink or put a dragon on it or whatever), now imagine that vase falling some 7 stories and shattering into a million different pieces. Now that’s how I felt.

All of a sudden I felt something telling me to pick up my mom’s old bible form my shelf (I kinda threw it in my box when I was packing my things for school, thought it would make her happy), I opened it, came back down to earth and since then my life has never been the same. Everything I was feeling just stopped. I felt I was alive again, and then words started jumping off the pages.

That was the first day I believe I truly acknowledged God’s grace in my life. In that moment I knew every breath I ever breathed was a gift. I knew I could never deserve forgiveness from this God whoever He was, but He said He loved me anyway. (insert frozen reference)

Needless to say, I haven’t smoked since that day and a whole lot of other baggage got left at that stop. Others, however, not so much. Plus I picked up some extra on the way out as well, but it’s all worth it considering what I’ve found in Jesus.

Walking this Jesus freak road definitely hasn’t been easy, but He never said it would be.


***So there you have it. (Disclaimer: I reserve the right to tell the extended version of this awesome story. If you wanna hear the extended unedited version hit me up @DaveedOne99)


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